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Change Mindset for Leaders

Change Mindset for Leaders is a two day workshop for leaders and executive teams who need to embed organisational change

This workshop teaches leaders how to shift mindsets to successfully embed organisational change. With the right tools and techniques you will approach Change Leadership in a way that inspires your organisation from top to bottom, helping every employee see the importance of a change initiative, and turning them into change advocates that will champion this improvement effort and those to come.

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

LEADCHANGE is a program that will enable your organisation in:

  • Leading with energy to create an engaged workforce that proactively avoids and neutralises resistance, wins support and jumpstarts momentum right from the start
  • Acknowledging contribution to provide the positive reinforcement to keep the momentum fresh and ongoing
  • Demonstrating commitment to unleash the power of influence in your organisation and eliminate any doubt regarding the commitment and consistency of the leadership team
  • Creating a ‘momentum platform’ and exploring new ideas to enable leaders to achieve quick wins and compel forward momentum of new Mindsets
  • Engaging in the hard discussions that provide the platform to turn resistors into supporters
  • Accelerating wins through a communication strategy that will gain autonomy, involvement, inclusion and collaboration
  • Embedding new behaviours to ensure that embracing and making change just becomes part of ‘how we do things here’
  • Governing for projects to ensure effective project management of change initiatives that lead to improved alliances and stakeholder management, decision-making and resource management

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