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Change Mindset

Change Mindset is a one day workshop for organisations looking to facilitate change at all levels of staff, expertise and capability.

Change Mindset teaches participants how to effectively promote and facilitate Mindsets, in themselves and others that embrace change instead of resisting it. Organisations are, in turn, able to realise the benefits of a project or implementation much faster.

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • By developing a stronger awareness of self and others, participants will be better prepared to consciously make effective and satisfying life decisions and choices, specifically in regard to change
  • Participants will develop a greater awareness of their patterned response to change, which will enable them more options in choice of response.
  • By understanding that resistance and the consequences of resistance are a choice, participants are enabled to make more positive, adaptive responses and informed decisions
  • Participants will learn the skills to leverage more positive Mindsets in all situations
  • Tools and strategies for changing and managing our own Mindsets
  • Using a clearly defined ‘Mindset Change Acceptance Process’, participants are provided with ‘point of reference’ milestones, enabling them to know where they are at all times in the process, where they need to go, and how to get there
  • Participants learn emotional intelligence skills, tools and strategies for self-awareness, building and maintaining confidence, positive attitude and perseverance in the face of challenge – the essential ingredients of change success!

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