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Facilitator Mindset

Facilitator Mindset is a two day workshop that teaches trainers and facilitators of all experience levels tools and techniques to achieve organisational objectives through facilitation.

objectives through Facilitation usually involves a degree of “Changing Mindset” for Attitude and Behaviour Shift on the part of participants. Shifting people from resistance to cooperation; from conflict to empathy; from procrastination to action; to improve results is, at heart, what most distinguishes skillful Trainers from skillful Facilitators - Facilitator Mindset teaches how to do this.

This program also examines the participants’ own Mindset in the context of successful Facilitation. What do we need to maintain and/or shift in our own Mindset so we can be of service? Using proven tools and techniques, participants learn how to support themselves and their colleagues maintain optimum Performance states.

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the benefits and differences between training and facilitation and learn where each is appropriate
  • Know the optimal ‘Facilitator Presence Baseline’
  • Learn how to quickly establish an effective learning environment and the tools to quickly establish credibility, respect and rapport
  • Learn proven facilitation techniques: Enhanced listening, enhanced questioning, conveying understanding and unconditional acceptance
  • Calculated intervention: Know when to pause, when to nudge, when to challenge, when to lead and when to push
  • Effectively turn around tough, difficult and challenging participants - winning them over. Use tools for achieving agreement and delivering an effective wrap up that motivates and compels action
  • Understand how to present to and use different personality types to improve impact, rapport and effectiveness
  • Develop a ‘High-Performing Facilitator Mindset’  and learn how to anchor and maintain it
  • Learn how to be natural and your ‘best self’ in front of a group, able to effectively maintain a positive Mindset, enhanced resilience to quickly recover from challenging interactions and improved impact, presence, poise, effectiveness and the ability to ‘think on one’s feet’
  • Learn improved and enhanced voice image, congruent body language, and use of body and voice as communication tools

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